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Resolute.AI is a game-changing platform for innovators. Deal-making for inventors and companies will now be dramatically easier, cheaper, and faster.

Dr. Nigel Ten Fleming, CEO of G2B Pharma

Serial entrepreneur, scientist, inventor, and board director of public company

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Here’s Why Customers Trust Us: A Case Study

We made a leading diabetes company also a leading innovator. This is their story.


The goal the company set was to lead the diabetes therapy market for the next 10 years, being able to foresee opportunities and threats in emerging science far before competition. Tech scouts would be expected to evaluate 5x more deal opportunities without compromising quality of due diligence.


To own the market, they needed to track deal opportunities for diabetes therapeutics and make go/no-go decisions before anyone else. Resolute provided automated scouting operations to cover deal opportunities in diabetes, obesity, hyperglycemia and other adjacent spaces. Each week, new opportunities arrived in everyone’s inboxes.


11x enhancement in lead generation, from 104 leads in prior year to 1,156 leads, surpassing original 5x target. Tech scouts evaluate 7x more deal opportunities as workload is shifted from lead generation to lead qualification; more relationships with key inventors are cultivated as a result


“Our technology scouting output improved so much that we had more leads than we could evaluate.”

“We were looking at better deal opportunities that we could not source anywhere else.”

“Tracking deal opportunities is known to be tedious but Resolute makes it easy.”

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