Predict every future product and threat long before its commercialization with cutting-edge artificial intelligence

AI-Guided Search delivers technologies you didn’t know existed

Execute comprehensive searches across millions of records to find the most valuable deal opportunities that your organization needs to know about.

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Algorithms that annotate like experts

The algorithm behind Annotations for Science reads scientific texts and generates annotated content, allowing you to execute search queries based off metadata that's never existed before.

Annotations for Science

Get powerful tips on search and more as our Annotation for Science algorithm supports your exploration by suggesting domain-relevant concepts and terms.

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Ontology for Science

Navigate the complex landscape of emerging technology with an easy, intuitive system that does all the hard classification work for you in real-time. Classifications for all major areas of science go as deep as cellular receptors, fuels, organic polymers, and much more. The algorithm manages over 5,000 different categories as part of the classification system.

Let’s take a look at innovation for Infectious Disease

Ontology for Science is a polymath algorithm that is expert in all scientific domains, capable of organizing hierarchy categories. Complemented by Annotations for Science, you have a powerful classification system you can manipulate to tailor your exploration for incredible precision. Build your automated technology scout with Saved Search to automatically track your specific classification setup, and you have automated a historically human-intensive search task. Now you can focus on evaluating better leads and building relationships.

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Get ahead of the competition and outperform as an innovator.